N043 - Gulf of Mexico Petroleum Systems

Course Overview
Leading experts present an overview of petroleum systems in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). The course provides an understanding of the hydrocarbon source, reservoir and trapping styles with particular emphasis on the deepwater settings in the northern GOM. Attendees will learn methods and principles to optimize their exploration and exploitation efforts in the basin.

The course covers the structural setting and tectonic history of the basin; its stratigraphic infill; the nature and distribution of the principal hydrocarbon source rocks, source rock maturation history and impact on fluid types/quality; the main depositional systems and the active structural processes that shape and control the sediments. A section on seismic imaging provides insight to the range and limitation of the 3D time and depth datasets that significantly contribute to our understanding of the subsurface.

Participants will learn to:
•	Analyze the tectonic history, regional stratigraphic framework, structural styles, depositional systems and 
        physiography of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).
•	Apply the principles of salt-related deformation to petroleum exploration and production in the GOM.
•	Contrast supra-salt and sub-salt exploration targets.
•	Demonstrate how depositional environments, texture and compaction can control reservoir quality in the 
        offshore northern GOM.
•	Use regional stratigraphic markers to build exploration frameworks and identify reservoir play fairways.
•	Use petroleum geochemistry data and basin modeling techniques to assess the roles of source rock richness/types, 
        maturity, migration and reservoir processes on oil quality.
•	Determine the risks of petroleum charge access/volume in the Gulf of Mexico.
•	Critique the origin, significance and methods of predicting geopressure in the Gulf of Mexico.
•	Apply seismic geomorphology concepts to better understand the processes, sources and sinks for deepwater 
        sedimentary deposits.

This course is offered by Nautilus (www.nautilusworld.com), a PEICE affiliated company and the world leader in Geosciences Training services.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Structural Architecture of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Depositional Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Reservoir Geology
  • Petroleum Geochemistry of the Greater Gulf of Mexico Petroleum Systems - Principles and
  • Depositional Systems and Reservoirs, Southern Gulf of Mexico
  • Geopressure

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Mark G. Rowan, John Snedden, Adry Bissada, Lesli Wood and Niven Schumaker

Training Venue

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