W007 - South American Atlantic Margins Workshop

Course Overview
Current and Future Licensing Rounds in 2018

This two day workshop will focus on the many varied opportunities currently or soon to be offered, along the South American Atlantic Margin.  Each portion of the margin will be introduced with a regional overview summarising the latest knowledge on Atlantic opening history, geology and petroleum systems, and then go on to present detailed evaluations of the basins and blocks on offer in the Brasil 15th Exploration and 4th PSC Rounds; and the Uruguay 3rd licence round.  We will also provide highlights of the best of the 137 offshore blocks in the 2018 Brasil Permanently Offered Block Initiative.

The Argentine government has promised a license round in 2018, which will begin in the southern Malvinas and Austral basins. All the offshore Argentine basins from Salado to the Scotian fold belt will be described and discussed, highlighting areas of hydrocarbon prospectivity.

This course is offered by Nautilus (www.nautilusworld.com), a PEICE affiliated company and the world leader in Geosciences Training services.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Regional Introduction
  • Latest knowledge in opening histories of the Equatorial and East Brazil Atlantic margins.
  • Basin and block evaluation demonstrating petroleum systems
  • Seaward Dipping Refector
  • Punta del Este and Uruguay

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Ian Davison

Training Venue

To avoid potential course disruptions caused by the attendance of unconfirmed registrants, the training venue address will ONLY be provided to registrants upon receipt of payment (via an email confirmation note).