N003 - Geological Interpretation of Well Logs

Course Overview
The course is an introduction to the principles and qualitative applications of conventional well logs. The course shows how
combinations of logs. preferably supported by other well derived data. can be used to interpret mineralogy. lithology. facies.depositional environments and important events such as flooding surfaces. The ultimate objective is to be able to use sets of well logs to establish robust correlation schemes that can be used to guide well placement and geological modelling.

In this class, each individual logging tool is described in terms of basic functions, physical principles and geological interpretation. Log data is then used as a complementary set for lithology interpretation, facies recognition, log sequence analysis and correlation.

Participants will learn to:
I. Differentiate the functions, physical principles and limitations of logging tools used in a standard logging
   suite and their applications for geological interpretation.
2. Demonstrate the differences between logs acquired using wireline conveyance and logs acquired whilst drilling.
3. Use well logs to determine lithologies and interpret facies, stratigraphic and structural features.
4. Determine shale volume, porosity and water saturation from well logs.
5. Correlate between wells using well logs. integrating other available down-hole data.
6. Analyse well logs and cores, together with other available data, to produce a coherent geological evaluation.
7. Employ dipmeter and borehole imaging tools and analyse their interpretation patterns to indicate
    structural and stratigraphic features.

This course is offered by Nautilus (www.nautilusworld.com), a PEICE affiliated company and the world leader in Geosciences Training services.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Date: TBA
Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Logging Environment
  • Simple Gamma Ray
  • Spectral Gamma Ray
  • Resistivity-Geology
  • Sonic Logging
  • Well tying and Modern Sonic Logs
  • Density Logs
  • Neutron Logs
  • Density Neutron Combination
  • Lithology
  • Dipmeter
  • Core Photos-log comparison
  • Image Logs
  • Facies and Sequences from Logs
  • Correlation
  • Stratigraphy and Correlation with logs
  • NMR
  • Basic Petrophysics

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Larry Maple

Training Venue

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