N624 - Heavy-Oil Recovery Processes 1: Cold Production, CHOPS, and Flooding

Course Overview
This stand-alone, one-day course provides technical professionals with an overview of current upstream heavy-oil production technologies and introduces new upstream production technologies that have been developed in the last several years.  This course focuses on cold primary recovery processes such as Cold Production and CHOPS, plus some aspects of flooding.  Technology screening guidelines will be outlined and informative assessments of the various approaches will be provided.  

Part II is a separate course that address other recovery processes:  thermal (CSS, SAGD, steam flooding), solvents, electromagnetics, and in situ combustion.  Open this link for additional information on Part II  Heavy-Oil Recovery Processes 2:  Thermal (CSS, SAGD), Solvents, and Innovations  course.

Participants will learn to:
•	Examine specific recovery processes such as Cold Production, CHOPS (Cold Heavy-Oil Production with Sand), 
        and Flooding, that do not rely on heat or solvents
•	Provide a broad overview of heavy-oil recovery processes, for context and comparison
•	Review the properties of heavy oil and its current status in the world
•	Examine the various drive mechanisms required for heavy-oil recovery, such as foamy-oil drive
•	Describe the geomechanics and implications of sand production 
•	Describe CHOPS' implementation, completions, and workovers

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

All scheduled event(s) for this short course:
17-Sep-19 Calgary (1 day) $ 845 CAD
Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Our World and Heavy Oil
  • Overview of Heavy-Oil Recovery Processes
  • Drive Mechanisms and Foamy-oil Drive
  • Cold Production (CP) - no sand
  • Sand Control vs. Sand Management
  • Cold Heavy-Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS)
  • Geomechanics of Sand Production
  • Implementation and Workovers
  • Performance Comparison: CP vs CHOPS
  • Production and completion engineering aspects of CP and CHOPS
  • CHOPS in Horizontal Wells
  • Flooding

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Patrick Collins, P.Eng. is the President of Petroleum Geomechanics Inc. based in Calgary, Alberta, with engineering degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta. He has over 25 years' experience in heavy oil, oilsands, SAGD, CSS, CHOPS, and in geomechanics related to drilling and completions, wellbore stability, caprock integrity, minifrac analysis, rock stress analysis, formation overpressures, hydraulic fracturing, and sanding. Patrick consults internationally in heavy oil recovery and geomechanics, and is an expert witness in thermal recovery and geomechanics. He is a member of SPE, AAPG, CWLS, CSPG, CHOA, and APEGGA.

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December 15, 2017, Director, Linear Property Assessment Unit, Calgary
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December 19, 2017, Sales, Calgary
This course has lots of information in it that will give you an understanding of the different processes. As long as you have a basic understanding of the oilfield you will be able to understand this course.