Successful Shale and Tight Reservoir Development During Low Prices

Course Overview
The sharp drop in oil prices at the end of 2014 caused shale developers to dramatically change how they evaluated and developed their wells. Most cut their development activities and some aggressively adopted methods that successfully delivered more production at less cost and/or adopted strategies for being more selective in how or where development continued. This two-day course reviews the latest strategic and technical philosophies and methods for handling the recent downturn in prices.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Previous Development Technology and Approaches
  • Responses in Development Technology
  • Current Field Development Strategies
  • Shale Reservoir Characterization
  • Previously misunderstood Opportunities
  • Lessons already Learned
  • Critical Issues needing Advancement
  • Future Shale Development: Four Possible Scenarios
  • Sorting through the Price Forecasts
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Regional Review

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Steve Hennings, M.S., P.E. is the owner of Source Rock Engineering in Littleton, Colorado, USA. He is a registered professional engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering and a Master's degree in Finance. Steve worked for a major energy company during his first 20 years in the oil & gas industry where he, completed a wide variety of reservoir, well completion, and production engineering assignments. His first work assignment involved evaluating hydraulic fracture treatments on tight gas sands to identify ways to optimize treatments and to improve the methods for forecasting the production response and he continues to focus attention on those issues. During Steve's employment he also led engineering and geoscience teams for: the largest U.S. oil field, the largest underground coal mine in Australia, and a prestigious petroleum laboratory and research center. For the past ten years Steve has worked as a technical consultant focusing exclusively on unconventional reservoirs in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, India and other countries. Occasionally he conducts private or public technical workshops to share lessons learned from his on-going participation in these exploration and development efforts. Steve is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, and the Society of Mining Engineers. In 2008 he shared the annual Stefanko Award for his technical presentations.

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