Managing Public and Stakeholder Conflict Workshop

Course Overview
In recent years the public has become much more demanding in having their say, especially when it comes to oil and gas developments. As a result, the interface between industry and the community of affected stakeholders in a resource intense economy is the source of ever more intense conflict and controversy, which can cause roadblocks and challenges to delay projects. 

We have all been involved in stakeholder consultation and engagement for projects that elicit competing interests and require some form of dialogue or "difficult conversation." Special interest groups, and individuals who align with them, may ramp up and fuel outrage and resistance against the project. Regulators are requiring not only compliant, but also effective public and stakeholder consultation, that addresses and attempts to resolve issues and concerns. 

The focus of this two-day Overview Workshop will be on "getting ahead and staying ahead of conflict", and preventing escalation into project resistance and community outrage. The Workshop will help you identify, understand and position for conflict; and provide opportunities to interact with processes and tools that support interest-based dialogue. You will acquire skills that help bring together individuals or groups to engage in difficult, yet broad-based participatory processes that give stakeholders as much say as possible over aspects of the project that matter most to them, and will allow you to effectively identify and resolve their issues to allow your projects to move ahead to meet your timeframes.

The Workshop is designed for, project team members, managers, supervisors and engagement/consultation team leaders responsible for ensuring their stakeholder engagement and required regulatory consultation programs for their projects are both compliant and effective. 

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Introduce the notion of “getting ahead and staying ahead of conflict"
  • Explore why publics are getting angrier and how to position for it
  • Develop an understanding of what you are up against when engaging stakeholders and community
  • Discuss the challenges, roadblocks and barriers that exist for fulfilling regulatory compliance and effectiveness
  • Explore tools and processes to manage difficult conversations
  • Introduce concepts such as a company wide engagement program consisting of: framework, values, promises, strategies and tools
  • Build understanding of effective tracking, documenting and demonstrating of objectors contact and reporting
  • Provide role playing opportunities to interact with strategies, processes and tools that support interest-based negotiation

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Co-instructors are:
David Gould

One of Western Canada's most experienced mediators and an industry leader in the design of conflict prevention and conflict management systems and processes, as well as their integration with regulatory requirements for public and stakeholder engagement. David combines an extensive legal background with proven mediation capabilities and conflict management systems design experience to assist industry, business and government organizations effectively address complex and multi-party conflicts.David has led the design for the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and the National Energy Board (NEB) Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs. He is credited with the development of three very important additions to the ADR field: the Preliminary ADR Meeting (PADR), the creation of the role of ADR Service Provider to assist in managing complex disputes, and the use of an ADR Workbook process for complex/multi-party disputes. In his work with the Harvard Law School Global Negotiation Insight Institute (GNII), David had the opportunity to collaborate with world leaders in the fields of law and conflict management.

Barb Samuels

Since 2003, Barb has been involved in developing fully integrated approaches to engaging and consulting stakeholders and the public. During her career Barb has worked together with oil and gas exploration and production companies, resource based corporations, municipal, provincial and federal governments, Aboriginal communities, school boards, regulators and organizations, when effective stakeholder engagement or dispute resolution processes are required to mitigate the potential risks of resistance, objection, conflict, or outrage that may delay or block approvals to a project's goal. Barb is a planner, policy and program developer, information architecture, and facilitator of large-scale national and local, public, corporate and government consultations and difficult conversations. Barb is considered an organizational change agent and educator, and has designed many innovative processes and tools for consultations, negotiations, and mediations and has facilitated meetings and sessions that have assisted senior decision makers in undertaking difficult, yet meaningful, conversations with their stakeholders.

Training Venue

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