Fundamentals of Human Performance Management

Course Overview
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This three-day course teaches practical techniques for supervisors, managers, and leaders to model, measure and implement methods to enhance human performance for any job role. The techniques taught in the course, are founded on Behavior Analysis science, and focus on identifying and managing critical performance variables such as behaviors, reinforcement and feedback towards people's results expectations. Correct alignment of job role performance with overall corporate objectives, development of clear measures of job role performance, and how these are used to manage and create enhanced performances for the individual are key outcomes of the analysis. The course teaches how to design effective human Performance Feedback systems and how to plan, find and deliver the power of Positive Reinforcement to create exemplary human performances. The course is workshop intensive, and attendees will apply and develop these techniques for their case specific job roles. 

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Introduction to Behavior Analysis Science Principles; the Laws of Antecedents, Behaviors, and Consequences
  • Models of Performance in Business
  • Pinpointing Techniques for Being Precise and Discriminating Between Behavior and Result Requirements
  • Measuring Human Performance and Competency
  • Instruments for Performance Data Gathering
  • Engineering Human Performance Feedback Systems
  • Fundamentals of Reinforcement Theory
  • Positive Reinforcement Planning, Finding and Delivering
  • The Human Performance Management Process for Creating Exemplary Performers

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Tony Parrottino is a practicing Professional Engineer with mastery-level certification in Applied Behavior Analysis Science to Business. He also achieved Management Certification from the Banff School of Management, and a President's Mastery Level Award in the area of human performance management. Tony has successfully applied the methodology of Human Performance Engineering and Organizational Change Management to a variety of job roles ranging from the Oil and Gas Production and Services to Information Technology industries, with measurable and data-validated human performance improvement results.

Training Venue

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