Oil Sands Geomodeling for Non-Geomodelers

Course Overview
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By the end of this two-day course, participants will have a better understanding of geomodeling, the benefit it brings to an oil sands project, and how other members of the asset team can contribute to the building of the geomodel. While the course does not include hands-on exercises, its key focus is an oil sands specifics and problematics. 

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Course Outline
  • Oil Sand Geology, Objectives and Challenges: Impact on Geomodeling
  • Overview of the Geomodeling Workflow for the Oil Sands
  • Examples of Published Oil Sand Models
  • Review of the Data Usually Available for Building a Model
  • Building the Horizons and the Fluid Contacts
  • Building the Empty 3D-Grid for Geological Modeling
  • Overview of Geostatistics in the Oil Sands
  • Facies Modeling
  • Petrophysical Modeling (porosity, water saturation and permeability)
  • SAGD Thicknesses and Volumetrics
  • Providing Input for Flow Simulation

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Thomas Jerome graduated from the Nancy School of Geology in France in 1999 with a Master degree in Engineering and Earth Sciences. A Geologist by background, Thomas specialized in geomodeling, and he first worked 5 years in the GOCAD Research Group located in Nancy. As an employee of Earth Decision and Paradigm, Thomas continued, for the next three years, with onsite geomodeling consulting at Saudi Aramco. A Manager of the Reservoir Modeling team in RPS, he is working on various projects with Petrel, SKUA and GOCAD. Thomas has close to 15 years of geomodeling experience with conventional and unconventional reservoirs, the last 7 years focusing largely on Western Canadian reservoirs. His current efforts are in improving the integration of geomodeling in waterflood and fracking studies and in improving workflows applied to oil sands reservoirs

Training Venue

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