Bunker Fuel Blending for Refiners and Traders

Course Overview
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This very comprehensive two-day course is designed to provide a practical and complete guide to make, deliver, buy/sell, and correct Marine Bunker Fuel using the latest blending and quality control techniques and  technology, while maximizing profits or minimizing costs. It addresses contemporary issues such as the latest ISO 8217-12 Marine Bunker specifications, including the impact of new lower MARPOL VI/ECA Sulfur limits, reductions in NOx and Particulate Matter (PM), and alternative technologies such as scrubbers to comply with more stringent bunker emissions specifications. Case studies will be used to illustrate the relative importance of each aspect of the fuels blending operation, together with specific exercises.

Including in the price of this course is an over 500 page "Bunker Blending Handbook", over 15 Blending Programs and Exercises, a Bunker Blending Optimizer Program (Demo), Blending Components Data Base, Specs for Marine Bunker and Gasoil.

Participants should bring a laptop, with Microsoft Excel 2007 or later and the Excel Solver add-in installed, to the course.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Marine Bunker Fuel Specifications (ISO 8217-12) and Future Significance of Bunker Fuel Properties
  • Bunker Blend Components and Properties
  • Production of Bunker Blend Components in Refineries
  • Blending Control and Profit Optimization
  • Correcting/Using Off-Spec Bunkers and Components
  • Non-Linear Property Correlation Equations
  • Quality Assurance, ASTM and ISO Test Methods, On-Line Analyzers
  • Test Results Disputes and Resolution
  • Environmental Issues, IMO MARPOL VI, ECA's
  • Quantity Transfer Determination and Disputes
  • Calculating Costs/Benefits of Blend Automation
  • Blend Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • References and Other Material

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Ara Barsamian is President of Refinery Automation Institute, LLC, and a Director of The world-wide Blending Users Group (BUG). He has over forty years of experience with gasoline, diesel, and marine residual fuel blending, and oil movements & storage tank farm automation. Previously, he was with EXXON, 3X, and ABB, where he developed standard pre-packaged and skid-mounted in-line blending control and optimization systems, and pioneered the use of NIR on-line analyzers, neural network inferential property predictors, and statistical algorithm non-linear blend optimizers. He has published over 100 articles and conference papers related to blending process technology, troubleshooting, and project management. He received BSEE. and MSEE. degrees from City University of New York and is a member of ASTM , ILTA, ISA, and AIChE.

Training Venue

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