Fundamentals of Directional Drilling

Course Overview
This three-day introductory course will cover the history of directional drilling, and provide exposure to the basics associated with directional and horizontal drilling. The sessions will cover both the benefits and disadvantages of directional wells along with numerous applications. Basic BHA design, well configurations, and well trajectories will be presented, as well as the types of tools utilized including bits, down-hole mud motors, and MWDs. The basics of directional data, tool-face orientation, overview of well planning, and basic calculations will also be included.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Borehole Representation
  • Well Planning
  • Anti-Collision Monitoring
  • Survey Tools
  • Well Design Constraints
  • Vertical Drilling
  • Applications of Directional Drilling
  • Downhole Motors
  • Deviation Techniques
  • Toolface Orientation
  • Directional Control with Rotary Systems
  • Steerable Drilling Systems
  • Shop Tour

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Mark Bland is currently Operations Manager for an International Directional Drilling Company, and is responsible for overseeing operations and supervision of directional drilling, MWD and motor shop. Prior to that, he was a directional driller and and MWD engineer. Mark has experience in multilateral horizontal wells, short radius horizontal wells, utilizing anti-collision data for multi well pads, Power Drive and Power V Rotary Steerable Services, planning, executing and managing all aspects of a directional job, drilling in underbalanced and temperatures exceeding 300 degrees. He has also performed well site geologist services, including management of technical information (i.e. geology, chemistry, mechanics, electricity, electronics and computer science), monitoring/recording drilling fluid properties and recording drilling parameters. Mark graduated from Angelo State University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree, and from Sul Ross State University in 1999 with a Master's Degree in Education.

Training Venue

To avoid potential course disruptions caused by the attendance of unconfirmed registrants, the training venue address will ONLY be provided to registrants upon receipt of payment (via an email confirmation note).

Participant Evaluations
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October 22, 2015, Sr. Engineering Technician, Houston
Great Class! If you are looking for a class to clearly explain Directional/Horizontal drilling this is the class for you!
April 10, 2014, ACCOUNT MANAGER, Houston
Great introduction to Directinoal Drilling.
April 10, 2014, Ops Engineer, Houston
It was a good basic introduction in to the fundamentals of directional drilling; however, for me personally, it was a little too basic to fulfill my goals for the course.
April 10, 2014, FIELD SALESMAN, Houston
I think Mark was very well prepared. Professional, yet personable enough to interact with comfortably no matter your level of knowledge on the subject. It seems like he enjoys doing this class, and is very good at what he does. I found the class very informative, and would be interested in attending another if he were to do a next level course.
April 4, 2014, Drilling Data Management Consultant, Houston
Great real life examples/application Open to questions, etc. Adjusted the course as necessary to better fit the needs/wants. Allowed others to provide some of their working knowledge and materials to the class.
April 3, 2014, Applications Engineer, Houston
I thought the class was very good and very informative. I am at a perfect place in my career in the oilfield for a class of this type.
October 15, 2013, production Engineering Manager, Houston
Excellent course as introduction to directional drilling. Mark does an excellent job in helping to understand how to look beyond the daily report to truly understand what the directional driller is doing to drill teh well.
October 11, 2013, Drilling Supervisor, Houston
Great course for establishing a good understanding of directional drilling!
October 8, 2013, Field Operations Superintendent, Houston
This is truly a good beginner course. If you have had any experience this is not the course for you.
October 22, 2013, Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
Excellent training. Enlightened trainees. Practicable concepts. Experienced and approachable instructor. Very good training materials. I recommend this training.
September 26, 2013, Manager Technology and Development, Calgary
Excellent overview of DD Fundamentals. I would like to see a bit more Math put back into the Course. DD Formulae, worksheets, and Dir Survey Calculation/Interpretation.
September 16, 2013, Field Engineer, Calgary
The overall training event was excellent , unfortunately this course was not designed for me as experienced directional hand (MWD).