Conflict Resolution Skills For Difficult Situations

Course Overview
This two-day course will provide participants with a framework for more effectively resolving conflict by understanding what conflict really is and how to prevent it from taking on a life of its own in the workplace. The course will illustrate that conflict is natural whenever human beings work together, and it is therefore critical that we have the skills to handle and manage conflict in productive ways. Through a combination of lectures and interactive exercises, participants will learn different conflict resolution styles and how and when to use them, how to strengthen staff trust and morale using positive verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, and effective intervention and facilitation strategies.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • The Positives and Negatives of Conflict
  • Types of Conflict
  • Using the Johari Window
  • The Five Stages of Conflict
  • Discovering Your Own Conflict Resolution Style
  • The Communication Funnel
  • Developing Your Questioning and Listening Skills
  • The Seven Steps to Ironing Things Out
  • Developing Your Facilitation Skills
  • Setting Norms
  • Making an Intervention

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Paul Endress is a recognized expert in the application of psychology to business in the areas of communication and workplace synergy. His expertise in these subjects is the result of a quarter-century of entrepreneurial experience, a decade of research, and a number of certifications in related areas of psychology and linguistics. Paul is a sought-after authority and speaker, having been quoted and published in such A-list publications as The New York Times, USA TODAY, Entrepreneur and Forbes. By combining his training with research and real life business experience, Paul's greatest satisfaction comes from helping professionals solve the challenges of conducting business in the 21st Century. He has presented to thousands of HR, corporate and association professionals, and is the author and developer of a number of continuing education courses.

Training Venue

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Participant Evaluations
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October 29, 2015, VP - National Drilling Manager, Calgary
The course provided excellent understanding of the sources of conflict and the path toward reaching a mutually agreed upon solution. Successful implementation will take practice with greater awareness toward understanding what the conflict is, who the players are, and searching for the Win/Win solution.
October 13, 2014, Lead Area Scheduler, Houston
The course was very professional and a great opportunity to learn how to deal with different people and conflicts. Understanding these concepts will make discussing different points of views easier; possibly getting your point taken instead of ignored.
November 4, 2013, Group Lead, Seal Production Engineers, Calgary
This will help resolve a conflict situation with a superior on my project team applicable to my situation. Thanks to Paul for providing a great course with his own experience.
November 8, 2013, Pipeline Scheduler, Calgary
I thought the class was a great learning experience and i would recommend it to anyone that has any issue dealing with conflict. I really enjoyed the material as a whole.