N631 - Introduction to Centrifugal, Reciprocating and Rotary Pumps - Design, Application and Operation

Course Overview
This two day course provides an introduction to the design, application and operation of centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary pumps. It emphasizes practical understanding, design guidelines and "rules of thumb" with a minimum of mathematics. It covers application and sizing, system design, basic theory and operation, different types of pumps, pump components, pump auxiliaries, pump selection and specification.  A course specific textbook is also provided.

Participants will learn to:
•	Introductory level course to understands all aspects of the pump industry
•	Develop an understanding of the different types of pumps used in the Petroleum Industry.
•	Learn the art of selecting the right pump for the right service
•	Understanding basic system design, cavitation, NPSH and pump theory
•	Learn about Pump components and options and what to use where
•	Understand pump curves and selection charts
•	Explanation of different type of drive systems and how to select the optimum configuration
•	Discuss Predictive Maintenance techniques 
•	Discuss major items to consider when purchasing pumps.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

All scheduled event(s) for this short course:
21-Nov-19 Calgary (2 days) $ 1,695 CAD
Course Syllabus
Download course syllabus
Course Outline
  • Basic Pump Theory
  • System Design
  • Types of Pumps
  • Pump Selection and Optimization
  • NPSH and Cavitation
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Pump Bearings, Pump Materials
  • Pump Drivers
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Pump Specification

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John Henderson is an independent Engineering consultant in Calgary, Alberta with 40 years of specialized experience. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the design, application, operation and troubleshooting of Rotating Equipment. He has worked for Owners, Engineering Contractors and Manufactures, has Operations and Maintenance experience in a world class petrochemical facility, is a founding member of the Calgary Pump Symposium, was an invited API 612 Committee member and enjoys the occasional round of golf.

Training Venue

To avoid potential course disruptions caused by the attendance of unconfirmed registrants, the training venue address will ONLY be provided to registrants upon receipt of payment (via an email confirmation note).

Participant Evaluations
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April 15, 2019, Operations Engineer, Calgary
As someone working with pumping systems on a regular basis this back to basics course was exactly what I needed to refresh my knowledge.
April 15, 2019, Mechnical Engineer in Training, Calgary
Great course! I definitely learned a lot. John was an awesome resource of knowledge with his many years of experience.
April 15, 2019, Junior Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
Great for young engineers just starting their career in rotating equipment. Covers a broad spectrum of pumps (centrifugal and positive displacement) and pump auxiliary systems. The content more than scratches the surface but doesn't get so deep into details allowing the instructor to cover a lot of content and avoid confusion. I feel 100x more confident talking about my work now compared to when I started.
November 8, 2016, Engineer, Calgary
This course is a great introductory course to pumps but also lots to learn for someone who has been in industry. Lots of useful tips for operation and sizing! Would definitely recommend!
April 5, 2016, Engineer, EIT, Calgary
This is a very good introductory course as it doesn't get into the actual math too much but gives you a really good foundation moving forward for all types of pumps.
October 20, 2014, Senior Facilities Engineer, Calgary
This was a great course to refresh the understanding about pump design and how to select the right pump for our application. It also addressed various pump maintenance issues, troubleshooting and the mistakes we make while choosing the pump. I would recommend this course to anyone who is dealing with oil or water production facilities.
October 20, 2014, Reliability Engineer, Calgary
John is very knowledgable and very experienced in rotating equipment. The course covered a lot of material and is an excellent introduction to pumps.
October 21, 2014, Plant Engineer, Calgary
Great introductory course on pumps, applications and the engineers' job in pump selection.
October 24, 2014, Production Engineer, Calgary
Recommended course for engineering and operational staff in the entry/intermediate level. Great learning and valuable info.
March 17, 2014, Engineer, Houston
This was a very good two day course. Covered everything from conceptual basics to purchasing – design to operational considerations and troubleshooting. I found it extremely useful and very worthwhile. The instructor (J. Henderson) did a great job of making the material useful and understandable – he had clearly put in the work to make a valuable course. I would definitely recommend this course.
March 17, 2014, Process Engineer, Houston
Have the course in the middle of the week to eliminate late travels on Friday or the weekend.
March 18, 2014, Facility Engineer, Houston
Very good explanation of the pump options available and their applications.
March 10, 2014, Machinery Asset Specialist, Calgary
This was a great course for getting the basic understanding of how pumps work as well as how to start the process of choosing the right pump for your application. The overall course was very satisfying and I am glad I took it.
March 10, 2014, Project Engineer, Calgary
Overall, it is a really good training for people that size/select pumps, evaluate bids, and in general, people interested in having a good overview on pumps. 100% recommended.
March 15, 2014, Fleet & Logistics Manager, Calgary
This course was very informative,there was a lot of information to absorb for sure but well worth the time to attend.