Gasoline and Diesel Blending for Refiners and Traders

Course Overview
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This very comprehensive three-day complete training course is designed for traders, blending engineers, senior operators, product coordinators, refinery planners, refinery lab personnel, as well as fuels marketers, and provides a complete overview and discussion of gasoline and diesel blending techniques, technology and cost/benefits. It addresses contemporary issues such as the latest specifications, ultra low sulfur fuels, impact of bio-fuels, Ethanol and bio-diesel blending, and environmental impact of various fuel specifications. Case studies are used to illustrate the relative importance of each aspect of the gasoline and diesel blending operation, together with specific exercises.

Attendees of this course will also receive an 800 page "Gasoline & Diesel Blending Handbook", over 35 Blending Programs and Exercises, Gasoline Blending Optimizer Program (Demo), Diesel Blending, Optimizer Program (Demo), Blending Components Data Base, and Gasoline and Diesel Specifications Catalogs.

Participants should bring a laptop, with Microsoft Excel installed, to the course.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

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Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Introduction to Gasoline Blending
  • Gasoline Specifications, Components & Additives Typical
  • Blending Equipment
  • Hands-on Demos Gasoline Blending Tools
  • Blending Property Calculations
  • Blending Economics
  • Blend Control and Optimization
  • Quality Assurance: Lab and On-line Tests
  • Precision, Dispute, Resolution, and Setting Blend Targets
  • Clean Fuels and Environmental Issues
  • In-Line Blend Release & Certification
  • Ethanol Blending
  • Benefits of Blending Automation
  • Diesel Blending
  • Diesel Specifications, Components, Additives
  • Hands-on Demos of Diesel Blending Tools
  • Diesel Theory: Calculating Properties
  • Diesel Quality Assurance
  • Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel

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Ara Barsamian is President of Refinery Automation Institute, LLC, and a Director of The world-wide Blending Users Group (BUG). He has over forty years of experience with gasoline, diesel, and marine residual fuel blending, and oil movements & storage tank farm automation. Previously, he was with EXXON, 3X, and ABB, where he developed standard pre-packaged and skid-mounted in-line blending control and optimization systems, and pioneered the use of NIR on-line analyzers, neural network inferential property predictors, and statistical algorithm non-linear blend optimizers. He has published over 100 articles and conference papers related to blending process technology, troubleshooting, and project management. He received BSEE. and MSEE. degrees from City University of New York and is a member of ASTM , ILTA, ISA, and AIChE.

Training Venue

To avoid potential course disruptions caused by the attendance of unconfirmed registrants, the training venue address will ONLY be provided to registrants upon receipt of payment (via an email confirmation note).

Participant Evaluations
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May 28, 2015, Lead Market Analyst, London
Engaging and informative.
May 22, 2015, Junior Operator, London
Interesting and highly detailed course. Would recommend to anyone is the gasoline / diesel industry.
October 1, 2014, Strategy Analyst, London
Very interesting course giving plenty of material for in-house application. Furthermore I have now plenty of material to support my blending project economic evaluation.
October 1, 2014, Mogas & Naphtha Trader, London
Good overview of gasoline blending specifics and refinery blender set-ups; course more gasoline than distillate oriented
September 26, 2014, Advanced Control Engineer, London
The training gives a detailed all around view of current fuel blending techniques and challenges, with in depths as requested by the attendents.
September 25, 2014, Mr, London
Very useful course for refinery planners. Sufficient detail is explored in the course. Covers both technical and economic aspects. Very knowledgeable instructor. Very useful and complete material provided.
May 16, 2014, Laboratory and Quality control, London
Course and instructor fantastic. A bit to much focus on regluations and specification fron the US.
May 13, 2014, Team Leader, lightends, London
Very gasoline focused but interesting and useful