N609 - API 650, 653, and 620 Storage Tanks

Course Overview
This two-day course is designed for petroleum or other industry personnel responsible for the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, regulatory compliance, or operation of API above ground storage tanks. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the relevant standards for new construction and existing tank inspection, repair, alteration and maintenance, highlighting the most recent revisions and upcoming changes. Essential storage tank technology not covered by the standards will also be reviewed. A copy of the standards are not included in the course fees.

Participants will learn to:
•	Understand the important requirements of API 650, API 653 and API 620, including their addenda and annexes.
•	Apply the terminology of storage tanks.
•	Discuss the materials used to construct and maintain storage tanks.
•	Analyze the design limits of storage tanks.
•	Demonstrate inspection requirements and timing and frequency for storage tanks. 
•	Demonstrate tank repair materials and methods.
•	Review publications applicable to tanks, including API standards.
•	Cover important storage tank requirements not included in the API standards.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

All scheduled event(s) for this short course:
1-Oct-19 Houston (2 days) $ 1,950 USD
3-Oct-19 Calgary (2 days) $ 1,695 CAD
Course Syllabus
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Course Outline
  • Atmospheric Tanks
  • Tank Site, Foundation Design and Construction
  • Preventing Bottom Leaks, Tank Settlement
  • Materials - Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless
  • Design, Sample Problems, Heated Tanks
  • External/Internal Pressure, Seismic, Other Loads
  • Nozzles and Roof Types
  • Fabrication (Shop Work)
  • Erection, Welding Requirements
  • Testing and Tolerances
  • Inspection, Radiography, Ultrasonic
  • Welding Requirements
  • Marking, API Monogram
  • Documentation, Special Service Standards
  • Existing Tank Evaluation, Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction
  • Failures Leading to these Requirements
  • Organizations that May Use the Standard
  • Definitions of Authorized Inspector, Storage Tank Engineer
  • Evaluation to Determine Suitability for Continued Use
  • How to Evaluate and Keep Bottoms Leak Free
  • Brittle Fracture Considerations
  • Inspection and Required Frequency
  • Repair and Alteration Requirements
  • Internal Inspection Timing Optimization
  • Low Pressure Storage Tanks
  • Refrigerated and Cryogenic (Such as LNG) Tanks

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Jack Mooney has provided worldwide consulting services on tankage, pressure vessels and piping for the world's largest petroleum producers and engineering companies, and is regularly engaged as an expert witness for OSHA and law firms. Jack has taught worldwide courses for the American Petroleum Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in 6 states, is a member of the API Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks, which writes and revises API 650 and 653, and former Chair of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code Special Working Group on Toughness.

Training Venue

To avoid potential course disruptions caused by the attendance of unconfirmed registrants, the training venue address will ONLY be provided to registrants upon receipt of payment (via an email confirmation note).

Participant Evaluations
Average participant rating 4 out of 5 stars
50 participant evaluations
Very Good
Very Poor
All course reviews are unedited.
October 13, 2017, Program Manager - Tank Life Extension, Calgary
Very applicable course in understanding the who, what, where and when for Tanks.
October 9, 2017, API Tanks Technical Resource Leader, Houston
This is a very good training. There are still some issues that need to be improved for better quality results, but overall is a good experience for folks looking to increase their knowledge on API Tanks standards.
October 10, 2017, Sr. Process Engr- Offsites, Utilities & Energy, Houston
Good course to gain a better understanding of the technical basis behind API 650, 653, and 620 requirements.
October 11, 2017, Sr. Chem Process Engineer, Houston
This was a very good course for someone who needs an introduction to these standards. I found the material useful and practical.
April 7, 2017, Projects, Calgary
The instructor has a very good anecdotal style, easy to relate to with real-world experiences and able to engage the class. The information presented was nicely captured with references to current documents. Upcoming developments were discussed about the standards, but the real gem was the focus on practical value.
May 8, 2015, SUSP Design Follow-up Engineer, Houston
Good overview of API 650, 653, and 620. Touches on key points without diving too deeply into the specs themselves and informs you of what section to reference if more information is needed. Instructor makes good use of illustrations to further explain the text.
May 11, 2015, Senior Construction Engineer, Tanks, Houston
Excellent overview for beginners or mid level tank proffessionals.
October 27, 2014, Project Engineer EIT, Calgary
While I know more about the API tank codes now, than I did before the course, the delivery of the course contents and relation to real world examples was not as good as it could have been. Due to a lack of examples, it was difficult to engage in the material.
October 27, 2014, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
This course was a good introductory course for those who have not used them before, or as a good course for part-time users of the documents to get good tips and pointers from a 30+ yr experience instructor.
May 5, 2014, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
the course was overall good and informative. i would rather see more materials on structural design, calcs and theory of desiging API tanks.
May 9, 2014, Production Foreman, Calgary
Very good course, recomended for anyone working with large tanks/vessels.
May 12, 2014, Project Engineer, Calgary
Training was excellent with a variety of information covered. This training could be taken by personnel new to tanks as well those with extensive experience. The instructor really encourages discussion and the introduction of any particular experiences from the students to discuss and help create conversation. Would highly recommend this course to anyone involved in the design or maintenance of AST.
October 11, 2013, Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
Good course
October 18, 2013, NSK Tank Cordinator, Calgary
This is an excellent overview of the API 620, 650, and 653. Jack does very well in comunicating the purpose of these standards which comes from thorughly understanding them himself.
October 11, 2013, Mechanical Engineer, Houston
The course is a 10,000 ft overview of the standards. It will provide a basic understanding of Storage Tanks.