About US

RPS-PEICE is a leading provider of short (1 to 5 days duration) classroom courses, to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry. Every year we offer hundreds of public courses at training centers in Calgary, Houston, Denver and London; with, in some cases, an option to participate in the course remotely, regardless of your location, using our Live Virtual Training option. Cross-training, introductory courses for junior staff and technical awareness training for both technical and non-technical personnel are particular specialties of RPS-PEICE; while at the more advanced level, RPS-PEICE offers courses on the application of the latest techniques and technologies. Our instructors are among the industry’s most experienced, respected and knowledgeable in their field. In the ever-evolving energy industry, where training and staff development have never been more important, RPS-PEICE plays a key role in helping fulfill your training needs.

Any of the courses offered by RPS-PEICE can be held exclusively for your company, either at a location of your choice, or at a RPS-PEICE training center. This in-house training option, which is typically cost- effective for groups of 8 or more, has a number of advantages compared to our publicly scheduled courses:

  • Travel cost savings: The course can be held at your office or other convenient location, minimizing the cost of travel and accommodation for participants.
  • Tuition cost savings: With 8 or more participants, there are significant tuition cost savings per participant compared to our public training prices.
  • Course Customization: Company-specific materials, examples, case studies and workshops can be incorporated into our standard courses as required by the client. Schedule

Convenience: You can determine the timing of the course to fit with your schedule priorities. Our course designers and instructors can work with your technical/training experts to supplement existing RPS-PEICE course materials with company- specific data and case studies to enhance the relevance of the training materials in line with your particular requirements

It is our goal to ensure the time spent attending a RPS-PEICE course is used efficiently, delivering the most effective training materials, thus ensuring your staff and organization receive the maximum development benefit from the time spent. On completion of each course, participants will be awarded a RPS-PEICE course certificate, and will earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) and/or Continuing Education Units (CEU) for application toward their professional organization training requirements.

RPS-PEICE is part of the RPS Group (www.rpsgroup.com), a leading consultancy to the petroleum industry globally. RPS helps clients develop their energy resources across the complete life-cycle, combining technical and commercial skills with an extensive knowledge of environmental and safety issues. Under the umbrella of RPS, PEICE and its affiliate NAUTILUS WORLD (www.nautilusworld.com), provides the oil & gas industry with a comprehensive response to its training and development needs.